Medical Malpractice Attorney Detroit

When you or a family member are harmed by medical malpractice it can be very overwhelming. Between insurance, medical bills, lost wages, not to mention the hospital commutes, that’s a lot of stress. One thing you don’t need to stress about, however, is finding a reputable law firm to handle the legal side of things for you. 

Our top rated lawyers are willing to handle cases of medical malpractice in Michigan of just about any complexity; we’re not intimidated by anything! We have the resources, education, and experience to go up against anyone, no matter their size or influence. It doesn’t matter if it was a routine surgery, a medication mistake, a negligent nurse, or a triple bypass surgery, we’ve got you covered.

Our attorneys specialise in dealing with medical malpractice cases so have a keen understanding of the law surrounding them. They can help you in the following ways:

  • Get the maximum settlement possible

We ensure that we cover all bases to be certain that you will always get the highest settlement possible for your case.

  • Paying medical bills
    Medical bills can run up into the thousands, depending on the severity of the incident. We can help get these bills paid so it’s one less cost for you to worry about.
  • Lost wages
    There’s nothing more stressful than being forced out of work due to an injury or illness, especially when the cause is at the hands of someone you’re supposed to be able to trust. We can assist you in recovering lost wages so you can relax and spend your time recovering with peace of mind.

On top of all this, we guarantee that if we don’t win, you pay zero legal fees. That’s right, we’re so confident in our skills and ability to help you that you will pay nothing if you don’t win. We will also provide you with a free, no obligation consultation so you can find out just how we can help you get the most from a bad situation. We can chat about what has happened, your expectations, how we can help, possible costs and time frames.

A lot of the time Michigan lawsuits must be filed before an expiration date. This means you only have a limited amount of time to get the ball rolling and ensure you get all that you are entitled to after a medical malpractice incident. Don’t hesitate. Call now on 205-839-3066 for an initial consultation, free of charge. Alternatively, you can send an email to our office by using the form on the Contact page.