Oakland County

Residents of Oakland County can rely on DLY Injury Law Detroit if they have been involved in an accident or public incident. We are proud to have a team of in house lawyers specializing in all matters of personal injury claims. We will pair you with a lawyer who can get you the best result possible.

Our primary focus is you, and will always fight to get you the settlement you deserve. We are so committed to this focus, that we offer a no win no fee policy on all cases we take on. There are no nasty surprises with DLY Injury Law.

Bicycle Accident Lawyers Oakland County

Oakland County is not known for being a cycle-friendly county, with very limited places cyclists have access to designated cycle lanes. This can lead to risk-taking, which unfortunately can lead to accidents. Here at DLY Injury Law, we still promise to get you the correct settlement if you find yourself involved in an accident.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Oakland County

Exploring Oakland County by motorcycle is a great way to get around, but if you find yourself the victim in an accident, this can be an unsettling experience. At DLY Injury Law, we can help you in getting the settlement you need to ensure you are not out of pocket for ongoing expenses.

Car Accident Lawyers Oakland County

Home to ‘Automation Alley’ Oakland County has more than its fair share of cars on the road. If you find yourself involved in an accident, DLY Injury Law can help with all aspects of your claim, getting you back on the road as soon as possible. We can help with everything from liaising with insurance companies, to claiming for ongoing medical costs.

Truck Accident Lawyers Oakland County

Trucks can sometimes seem to take over the roads, and follow rules unto themselves. If you have found yourself caught in the path of a truck, or large commercial vehicle, chances are you came off second best. At DLY Injury Law, second best is not acceptable, and we will help you achieve appropriate compensation.

Slip & Fall Lawyers Oakland County

Unmarked wet floor? Uneven footpath? As humiliating as a fall in public can be, it can also cause physical or emotional damage. Don’t find yourself getting weighed down in medical expenses – call DLY Injury Law and get the benefits you deserve.

Back Injury Lawyers Oakland County

Struggling to perform everyday tasks due to a back injury sustained at work? You might find you are eligible for financial reimbursement from your employee. Don’t wait, call DLY Injury Law today and find out more.

Dog Bite Lawyers Oakland County

67% of American families have a dog in the home, so often we expect them all to be friendly. The youngest members of our society can be quick to trust our canine friends, but from time to time this leads to dog bites. DLY Injury Law are experts in this type of claim, and can help you get the appropriate settlement

Medical Malpractice Lawyers Oakland County

While we hope you don’t find yourself negatively affected at the hands of our counties medical teams, sadly mistakes are made every day. We won’t be intimidated by large hospital legal companies or mountains of paperwork. DLY Injury Law wants to ensure you receive justice if you have found yourself the victim of medical malpractice.