Washtenaw County

Not forgetting our neighbors to the west, DLY Injury Law offers its full range of legal services to the residents of Washtenaw County. We have an amazing team of in house lawyers, who are here to help with your case. Regardless of size, we’ll fight for justice.

Driven to get you the best results our no win no fee policy extends to every case we take on, which means you can sleep easy knowing DLY Injury Law are in your corner from the beginning. Call us today, and we can provide an obligation free quote for your legal needs.

Bicycle Accident Lawyers Washtenaw County

Sudden change to the conditions? Unexpected pothole? Driver opened their door into your path? Whatever the cause or your accidents, DLY Injury Law is here to help. We can look into your options for compensation, both personal and property, and help you process your settlement.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Washtenaw County

A well maintained motorcycle is a great step towards having an accident free trip. From time to time, this isn’t enough, and you might find yourself involved in an accident. Other drivers don’t always take the same precautions as you, so if you have been in a motorcycle accident safeguard yourself and call DLY Injury Law today.

Car Accident Lawyers Washtenaw County

Home to the University of Michigan, Washtenaw County has its fair share of younger motorists on the road. If you find yourself another statistic and involved in an accident at the fault of an inexperienced driver or any other type of car accident, DLY Injury Law is here to help you with your claim.

Truck Accident Lawyers Washtenaw County

Eighteen wheelers dominate the roads, and the large corporations that employ them can dominate the courtroom. Don’t try and take them on alone. Call DLY Injury Law, and have an expert by your side. Regardless of the truck or company size, we have an expert to help you.

Slip & Fall Lawyers Washtenaw County

You have a right to feel safe exploring your environment, especially public places like shopping centers, outdoor recreation areas, and other frequented venues. If you suffer a slip or fall, make you get advice from the experts. Expertise in public liability is a passion at DLY Injury Law so give us a call today, and ask us about your entitlements.

Back Injury Lawyers Washtenaw County

Bending, lifting, twisting and stretching are actions we do every day, and it is easy to take these for granted. This repetition can lead to pain and strains, sometimes irreversible. If you feel your back injuries are the result of your work or an injury sustained elsewhere, call DLY Injury Law today, and we can answer your questions.

Dog Bite Lawyers Washtenaw County

Find yourself having had a falling out with man’s best friend? Our loyal companions sometimes turn, and the injuries can be frightening. Trust in DLY Injury Law if you or a loved one has been bitten by a dog. We are experts in this area, and can get you the settlement you deserve.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers Washtenaw County

Following a serious accident, we often have to seek medical help, whether for immediate treatment or ongoing rehabilitation. But what happens if a further accident occurs while receiving this help? DLY Injury Law have represented many victims just like you, and are experts at taking on medical malpractice cases.