Wayne County

Home of our headquarters, Wayne County is the largest county in the state of Michigan. DLY Injury Law is no stranger to representing the residents in all matters of personal injury law. Your local legal firm, we have experts in all areas, and can pair you with the best lawyer to handle your claim.

You can trust us to work hard to get you the settlement you are entitled to. We are so dedicated to our work, we offer everyone a no win no fee promise to all our customers. We also offer obligation free quotes, so calling us today is a win win situation.

Bicycle Accident Lawyers Wayne County

Taking pride of your bicycle, means you likely have the latest safety equipment – a trusty break chain, and a well fitting helmet. Despite your best efforts you can still find yourself involved in an accident. Keep your pride intact, and get the settlement you deserve by calling DLY Injury Law today.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Wayne County

Zooming through the center of Detroit on a motorcycle is one of the fastest ways to get around. Don’t find yourself slowed down after a motorcycle accident, especially if you were not at fault. DLY Injury Law is up to speed with all aspects of law surrounding motorcycle accidents, and can help you today.

Car Accident Lawyers Wayne County

Home to 4 airports, Wayne County has more than its fair share of taxis and public buses. This extra traffic, and make for an increase in your chance of having an accident. Do yourself a favor, and increase your chances of a win, by calling DLY Injury Law today.

Truck Accident Lawyers Wayne County

The busy city streets of Detroit are not the familiar territory to the trucks and semi-trailers that populate our highways. As such, chances are you might find yourself impacted by an inexperienced driver. Give DLY Injury Law and we’ll be in your corner to help work through your settlement.

Slip & Fall Lawyers Wayne County

Public venues have obligations to be safe places for you to visit. DLY Injury Law wants to hear if you’ve had a slip or fall in such a venue. We know how to ensure you get the maximum from your claim, and want to help you.  

Back Injury Lawyers Wayne County

Expensive ongoing treatments or loss of income are a couple of the financial implications of having a back injury. There can also be mental implications of struggling with everyday tasks. DLY Injury Law wants to get you back on track and can help with managing the changes to your day to day life.

Dog Bite Lawyers Wayne County

Whether you find yourself the victim of a dog bite for a small household dog, or a regulated police dog, the impact can be severe. Leaving lastly scars, both physically and emotionally, these attacks are not to be passed off. DLY Injury Law can help you with the compensation you deserve.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers Wayne County

Every day, people place their trust in medical professionals. Whether intentional or not sometimes this trust can be violated. If you find your personal information has been discussed without consent or you’ve not received the procedure you were promised, you will likely find you are eligible to make a claim. Call DLY Injury Law and ask for more information.